Travel: Escaping the hustle and bustle in Sardinia

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This summer we had an incredible weekend getaway on the island of Sardinia.  This island is a little piece of paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  Where the scenery is rustic, the beaches are unspoilt and the water is crystal clear.  It was the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend in a rustic setting.  I quickly fell in love with this island and it´s laid back care free attitude, and of course, the delicious seafood.

We hired a sail boat for the weekend and sailed to a few small coves in the south of the island where we discovered some incredible beaches, raced the boat against dolphins, watched pink flamingos fly overhead and breathed in the unspoiled fresh sea air.  We soon realised that we don´t need to travel far from home in order to discover unspoiled natural beauty and switch off from everyday life.

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Seafood is definitely one of the freshest foods to eat on the island and the traditional pizzas and pastas that the Italians are famous for are also firm favourites on the island.  Surprisingly, the island has a very high amount of people with coeliac disease, meaning that most restaurants are able to cater for anyone who wants to avoid eating gluten.  Many restaurants will even serve gluten free pizzas and pastas, making it an easy place to visit for anyone who has a gluten intolerance.

For me, holidays are all about enjoying the local food and trying to hunt done the small local restaurants away from the tourist traps and Sardinia provides beautiful traditional cuisine that changes with the seasonal produce available.

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As well as the rustic beaches here, the wildlife was incredible!  Dolphins can easily be seen swimming in the sea and flamingos are always close by on this island.  This is an island that has so much beauty in a tranquil environment, which makes it the perfect place for recharging the batteries and connecting with nature.

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