Keeping Cool in the City

keeping cool in the city

Keeping cool when the city is heating up!

June-July is a confusing time for our bodies.  Spring turns into summer, temperatures keep creeping up and the city becomes crowded and hotter.  Sometimes it can all be quite overwhelming.  So how can we keep cool and healthy when everything around us is heating up?  Here are my top 3:

1.  Switch to Summer Foods

I have really felt my body crave summer foods recently.  I guess I shouldn´t be surprised by this because summer foods tend to be more hydrating and not so heavy on the digestive system.  Breakfast is often a tricky one for me, as I don´t want my normal oats or eggs anymore, but switching to grapefruit with nuts and seeds feels lighter and more hydrating.  I also want more salads right now, which is not normally something that I crave in the winter, when eating a salad often feels like a chore.

Fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, peaches and blueberries are really hydrating.  Salads with lots of leaves, tomatoes, red peppers, onions, fresh basil and coriander are also really hydrating and great for summer health.  Cheeses such as feta or mozzarella are also good choices over hard cheeses, as they are easier for the body to digest.  Gazpacho is another great food to embrace.  It doesn´t require cooking over a hot stove and it has so many nourishing and delicious ingredients.  This courgette soup recipe is also another good soup for summer which has added mint which gives it a really rich, but fresh flavour.


2. Try Exotic Cuisines

thai rice noodles

There are so many countries that have hot temperatures all year round, so why not check out what other countries are cooking and get creative in the kitchen.  Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican and Japanese are my go to cuisines, with so many different vibrant flavours that are surprisingly refreshing in the heat.  So why not try pho soups, sushi style salads with rice noodles, Vietnamese summer rolls, Thai curries or guacamole dips.  More recipes on this to follow…..

3.  Keep Hydrated

watermelon cooler
Ice cold water can feel really nice and refreshing when we need to cool down, but it is really hard to drink a lot of water that is really ice cold.  Drinking water that is cool, rather than ice cold, helps us to drink more and therefore stay hydrated when we do get really hot!  The problem in the summer is that when we start to feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated.  So if we can drink water upon waking in the morning and continue drinking throughout the day, rather than wait until we are thirsty, this will help us to stay hydrated and cool.

Water is the best choice for staying hydrating, regardless of what all of the sports drinks companies have told us!  Coconut water can also be a good option as it is low in calories and has a high water content naturally, but this should only be drunk 4 times a week maximum.  Fruit juices have their place when we need hydrating and a little sugar boost, but adding water to fruit juice in order to dilute it a little is the best way to go.  I am loving water melon juice topped up with coconut water at the moment!  So delicious!

I hope this advice will help you to keep your cool in the city this summer!

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