How to: Reduce Bloating

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Bloating can be really uncomfortable, especially when it is hot outside or we are going on holiday.  So I have put together some of my top ways to reduce bloating, in the hope that it will help to make you feel great from the inside out!  After doing a lot of research this week on digestion, here are my top favourite fruits, food and tips to help reduce bloating, so you can take on the summer holiday with confidence and feel great!

1.  Love Fruit

While all whole fruits are great, the best of the bunch to reduce bloating in the summer months are summer fruits!  Most summer and exotic fruits are high in water and this will help to get the digestive system flowing nicely!  Top of the fruit list is pineapple, because it contains digestive enzymes that help to support digestion.   Avocados are great as well because they contain healthy fats which will oil up your gut a little and support digestion.


2.  Embrace Turmeric

Turmeric is becoming trendier by the day and for some good reasons!  It is a herb that is often used to treat common digestive disorders and aid liver function as part of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.  Turmeric contains curcumin which gives it the bright yellow colour and this is what makes turmeric a useful anti-inflammatory.  Because turmeric can have quite a powerful effect on the gut, it is not advisable for people with stomach upsets or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), but it can really help to reduce the problem of mild bloating.


3.  Go Crazy for Ginger

This is one of my favourite spices!  Not only does it have such a great zingy flavour, it can also calm the digestive system and relieve nausea.  Ginger can be added to dishes, drank as a tea or even just chewed raw in order to reap the benefits.


4.  Enjoy Fresh Mint Tea or Peppermint Oil

Both mint tea and peppermint oil can help to sooth and relax the digestive system which will ultimately aid digestion.


5.  Ditch Fizzy Drinks

Anything that adds additional gas to the stomach is not the best idea when trying to reduce bloating!  Best to avoid drinks which contain carbon dioxide!


6.  Keep an eye on portion sizes

Over eating can leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable, so as a guide, have a look at what an ideal plate should look like in terms of portion sizes.


7.  Avoid drinking with a meal

To reduce bloating, it is best to drink in between meals rather than directly with a meal or just before eating.  This will help food to digest properly in the stomach.  Too much water just before or during a meal can really upset the digestive enzymes in the stomach.  It is best to stop drinking about 30-40 minutes before a meal and wait for 30-40 minutes after eating.


8.  Leave winter vegetables for the winter

For some people, more ´hearty´ winter vegetables such as sprouts, broccoli and kale can actually cause bloating.  If you have this problem, it is probably best not to eat these vegetables, especially in the summer when they are not even in season.  Leave them for the winter months.


If you suffer from a serious digestive disorder, it is advisable to contact a health professional before making any drastic changes to your diet, but the above tips are great for any mild uncomfortable bloating.  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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