Chia Pudding Pot

Chia Pudding Pot

My Chia Pudding Pot!  I must admit, chia seeds are not an ingredient I use a lot.  Mainly because I find them quite pricey and their nutritional benefits are often over hyped. However, I had a small packet lying in the back of my cupboard and bored one night this week, I decided to play around with a few recipes involving chia seeds and OMG!  I think I might be a convert to the new trendy ancient seeds.  Not because they are a ´superfood´, but because they add such a different and interesting texture to desserts.

Chia Pudding Pot

First of all, let´s talk about the truth surrounding the benefits of chia seeds, the actual scientific facts and debunk some of the myths.

It has been proclaimed that this seed is a miracle weight loss ingredient, higher in omega-3 than salmon and bursting with antioxidants.  The truth, however is that:

1.  No research has provided any evidence that chia seeds will promote weight loss (sorry).

2.  Chia seeds are high in omega-3 oils yes, but because they are from a plant source, it is hard for our bodies to utilise the oil that they contain affectively.  The best source of omega-3 is from oily fish, such as salmon.  That being said, for vegans, vegetarians or people who do not eat oily fish, chia seeds can be a source of omega-3 for them, along with flax seeds and hemp.

3.  Chia seeds are high in antioxidants and this is what gives them their ´superfood´ status.  Sadly, it is a similar story with the antioxidants as the omega-3 and that due to the structure of the seeds, the antioxidants aren´t so freely available for us to absorb.

Don´t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that chia seeds are bad for you, just that they do not always meet the hype that the media gives them.  It seems that there is growing demand for ingredients that are natural, healthy and not from an animal source and for this, chia seeds definitely tick all of the boxes.

Chia seeds are a natural and healthy addition to desserts.  I find that when they are mixed with a little bit of honey and soaked in coconut milk over-night, so that they burst and expand slightly, they make a great sweet treat!

Chia Pudding Pot

2 dessertspoons Chia Seeds
1 cup (250ml) of Coconut Milk
2 dessertspoons Honey
Fresh berries and some seeds to serve

Serves 2

1. In a small mixing bowl, mix the chia seeds with the coconut milk then mix in the honey.
2. Pour into two small jars or pots.
3. Leave in the fridge overnight for the pudding pots to set and the chia seeds to expand.
4. Enjoy the next day.  These will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.

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