How to: Reduce Bloating

Bloating can be really uncomfortable, especially when it is hot outside or we are going on holiday.  So I have put together some of my top ways to reduce bloating, in the hope that it will help to make you feel great from the inside out!  After doing a lot of research this week on… 

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GET LEAN & FEEL GREAT THIS SUMMER How to “be healthy¨ means different things to different people.  The media and social media in particular, focus on quick fixes to ¨LOSE WEIGHT FAST¨ or ¨GET A FLAT BELLY IN 7 DAYS¨ often with unhealthy ´rules´ that will challenge the body, leaving us undernourished.  These weight loss… 

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3 Tips to Improve Your Health

Apple with engraved heart, healthy eating tips

3 tips to improve your health?  Is it possible? Healthy eating does not need to be complicated, but sometimes having too much information available to us can be confusing. So here are three easy tips for healthy eating: 1. Eat eggs for breakfast Eggs are a high quality source of protein and the yolk contains… 

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The ´Healthy Cake´ Deception

Cupcakes Nutrition Esta

There are so many different cake recipes that are appearing all over social media which claim to be ´healthy´ or ´sugar free´ or will ´support weight loss´, so I just wanted explain in more detail the difference between the different types of ´healthy´ cake so that everyone can make up their own mind about what… 

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Think you can detox your body? Think again. So what should you be eating this January?

Detox after December

Indulgence in December means that you need an extreme January detox, right? Er, no! Extreme detox diets, such as the juice diet (where you only consume vegetable or fruit juices), sound like a simple, straight forward way to ´flush your body from all the toxins´ accumulated over the holiday period, but what if I told… 

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