New Flavours of Barcelona: Flax & Kale

Last weekend I had the best brunch ever!

My friend from Los Angeles came to visit and I knew that this new, super trendy and healthy restaurant in Barcelona would be a big hit with my LA amiga.

Flax and Kale is the new healthy hot spot in the centre of Barcelona where the food is designed to be enjoyed and provide optimal nutritional value at the same time.  The main moto of this restaurant is definitely one that can be adopted into everyday life:

“Eat food that is tasty, will provide optimal health and make you happy.”      

Diapositiva1 Spain has always been famous for its rustic food that is influenced by seasonal flavours.  However, things are slowly changing and Spain is starting to see ´trendy´ nutritional food sweep through the larger cities.

It is definitely an exciting time for food in Spain as the country becomes more open to different food approaches, but still provides its own Spanish touch at the same time.

The smoothie and juice menu at Flax and Kale is endless, with great names such as ´The Vegan Vampire´ and the ´Virus Killer´.
Diapositiva2 Our favourite smoothies were the ´Healthy Frappemocha´ with homemade almond milk, fresh coffee, ice, frozen coconut, dates and raw cocoa and the restaurants ´Favourite Smoothie´ with homemade almond milk, frozen strawberries, almond butter and vanilla.

Smoothies Flax and Kale Bustling but relaxed atmosphere, with vibrant bold colours, plants galore and endless light streaming through the windows.

What to eat?? Hard decisions to be made…

DSC_0331 The quinoa pancakes made with olive oil, soya yogurt, fresh blueberries and a little maple syrup were finally chosen…

DSC_1656 …and the açai bowl with blueberries, Brazilian chestnut crumble, hemp seeds and goji berries!

As well as the avocado toast and a pear and chocolate muffin!
Diapositiva4 Oh, and a wheat free almond and blueberry muffin!

fruits and cake flax and kale
Definately happy customers, I feel we will be back to sample more than the brunch menu! Empties Flax and Kale
The coconut fridge Flax and Kale
A lot of the ´healthy food trends´ in northern Europe, often place too much focus on what we should not be eating and are quick to label food as a ´super food´ without necessarily having sound scientific evidence to back up the claims.  The one thing that should always remain important with food is that it is fresh, seasonal and above all else, enjoyed.  This is something that is truly evident in the Spanish culture, so let´s hope that this traditional way of eating remains, even as the Spaniards adopt new ways of eating.

Flax and Kale Flax and Kale is already a big hit in Barcelona and I hope that this is just the beginning for new eating in the city and that the Spanish tradition of eating fresh, seasonal food that is primarily to be enjoyed, will also remain.

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