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Welcome to Nutrition Esta, my outlet for sharing my love for nutrition and wholefood recipes.  I love foods that nourish the body and can help you feel amazing and this is what I want to share with you.

About Me
I´m a true foodie at heart and also a qualified nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition, so I understand the science behind the food I am eating.  Originally from London, where I lived, studied and worked for most of my life, I moved to Madrid in 2013 in order to have a change and experience a different pace of life.  I saw it as a new challenge for my career and an incredible new adventure at the same time.  I spent about one and a half years in Madrid and fell in love with the Spanish capital.  The Spanish attitude to life, the appreciation of food, the long lunches and a city that is steeped in Spanish tradition.  Because I was not tied to the city for work, last December I moved to Barcelona in order to experience a different side of Spain and experience the Catalonian culture.  I am now embracing the new opportunities that this city can bring and realising that it is a very forward thinking city with a lot of modern food and health outlets.

Sarah Grosvenor, Nutritionist, Barcelona

Qualifications & Experience
I am a qualified Nutritionist with a university Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition (first class with honours) from Oxford Brookes University in the UK.  This was a 4 year course which was very much based on science and clinical nutrition.

My university was one of the leading centres of research in Europe for glycaemic response (how quickly different foods release glucose into the blood stream).  I was therefore really lucky to be at a university that was developing such advanced research in this area and I got heavily involved in the scientific research behind the different blood glucose response to different foods.  This is a very important area in nutrition and is one of the most important factors for diabetes prevention/maintenance as well as weight control.  Sugar is such a big topic at the moment, so I am very grateful to have been involved in such leading research into sugar from the very beginning of my career.

After I graduated in 2006, I completed work placements in clinical nutrition in various hospitals, but I decided that working as a dietician in a hospital setting wasn´t for me.  I therefore went on to work with the food industry, sports teams and with individual’s one on one.

Since graduating, I have worked with numerous clients, specialising in fat loss, digestive health, eating for sport and providing recipes to support meal plans.

As well as working as a personal nutritionist, I have also worked for the following food companies as a nutritionist, recipe developer and food researcher:

BBC Good Food Magazine
Hain Celestial (an Organic food company from the USA)
Marks & Spencer’s (food retailer in the UK)
Sainsbury’s (food retailer in the UK)
Unilever (the world´s third largest consumer goods company)

Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Science degree (BSc), first class with honours
Member of the British Nutrition Society
Fully insured as an approved Nutritionist



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