Travel: Escaping the hustle and bustle in Sardinia

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This summer we had an incredible weekend getaway on the island of Sardinia.  This island is a little piece of paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  Where the scenery is rustic, the beaches are unspoilt and the water is crystal clear.  It was the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend in a rustic setting.  I quickly fell in love with this island and it´s laid back care free attitude, and of course, the delicious seafood.

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Chocolate coconut ice cream! dairy free

Dairy free ice cream
This week I had a real craving for good ice cream.  The banana ´nice creams´ (frozen banana blended to an ice cream consistency) are great, but sometimes, a creamy, indulgent ice cream is needed.

I´ve always prevented making ice cream in the past as most recipes require an ice cream maker, but this recipe is dairy free, creamy and easy to make without an ice cream maker!

This recipe is definitely an indulgent creamy treat, which is dairy free and one of the easiest ice creams I have ever made!




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Summer Quinoa Picnic Salad

Quinoa picnic salad

Summer days, with spontaneous days off work and summer picnics with friends in the park!  That´s exactly what happened yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day in Barcelona which led to a summer picnic followed by a bike trip to the beach and I wanted to share the quinoa salad recipe with you as it is too good not to!

DSC_0542 - copia


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How to: Reduce Bloating

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Bloating can be really uncomfortable, especially when it is hot outside or we are going on holiday.  So I have put together some of my top ways to reduce bloating, in the hope that it will help to make you feel great from the inside out!  After doing a lot of research this week on digestion, here are my top favourite fruits, food and tips to help reduce bloating, so you can take on the summer holiday with confidence and feel great!


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